The Start of Something Fresh. Music makes me…

Throughout my life music has been a big part of it. It’s been almost like a soundtrack. Some songs can instantly transport me back to that time or it’ll trigger some memory that I may have had tucked away.  I initially was going to do a whole blog post about the music that make up the soundtrack of my life but I decided to do multiple posts about individual songs that mean a lot to me.  The first song I decided to talk about is a song by the great Stevie Wonder called, “Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday.”

My earliest remembrance of this song was going to baseball games with my dad at the Old Memorial Stadium back in Baltimore. They usually played this song before the game started. The song was played as the background music for the Jumbotron when they were showing highlights from last nights’ game and the games around the league.

I’ve always had a good relationship with my father growing up. He always loved to “drag me” places so I got out from under my 3 sisters and mother.  But baseball games were special. Baseball is a game I fell in love with me because of my dad and my granddad.  (I am actually a 3rd generation Dodgers fan) I loved going to baseball games with my dad and talking baseball with my granddad. Times like that were what I believe made my childhood special. Just one of the moments though.

Back to the song, whenever I hear this song it makes me relive a lot of my childhood moments. I even remember certain baseball games that we went to. “Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday” is such a lovely song. It really…to be cliché-ish, a song that pulls at my heart strings. It makes me think of all the time I spent with my dad and granddad talking the O’s and the Dodgers…how as much as I tried to avoid it; that I am my fathers’ son. I am definitely his namesake. Whenever I hear this song, I think of hot dogs…popcorn… the smell of stale beer… fans banging on the aluminum benches on the first base side in right field trying the rally the Birds…Wild Bill Hagy…33rd Street…Moments that I hold dearly to me and moments that make me appreciate my father…

I still haven’t got an ending for my post. I feel like I need to sign off and not just leave you guys abruptly. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will think of something…


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