I am an Artist and I love to write…

This is my first post on my new blog here on WordPress. I recently transitioned my blogger blog here. I have been blogging weekly since the end of 2007. I blog about things going on in my life…art…food…tech…society and what ever else comes to mind at the time.

My blog is mainly about me and my art processes but occasionally I will veer into the other aforementioned topics. Sometimes I go on long tangents and sometimes I’m pretty quick and concise. Usually I try to write about what I did during the week or what hits me in the moment. I’m pretty excited about sharing this new experience over here on WordPress. Not only will I blog weekly but I think I might blog when ever the mood hits me. So some weeks I might blog more than once. That’s going to be totally new to me. I do have two other blogs on here and I have blogged on all 3 blogs in the same week but never more than once a week on the same blog.

So here it is my introduction to you guys who happen upon my blog for the first time. I hope you guys come back to enjoy the ride and enjoy the prose of an ArtStar.


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