Emotions make you cry sometimes…

I just recently started watching this documentary about artist Beverly McIver. Its called Raising Renee. I am not to far in it yet but some far its pretty good. It has the makings of being a real good film. As I was watching the film, it made me reflect on my own work.  I have always noticed that I tend to leave certain emotions out of my work. Sadness, pain, resentment, etc…these are just a few of the emotions that I have felt in the past couple of years. And yet, if you look at the work I have created in that time span you.will see none of that in the work.  I referenced the documentary earlier because its about her work and her raising her sister while creating this work.  Her sister and family has always been apart of her work. They are the subject. I constantly shy away from including emotions of pain and hurt in my work.for fear of exposing my personal life. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with showing emotions…its just the way that I was raised that has me guarded against showing certain signs of emotion. My personality is also a big part of it as well. Those type of emotions I try my best not to wear on my sleeve. For me I believe that if I portrayed them in my work, it might paint a picture of a fractured “boy”. I also believe my work then might be viewed as being created by someone who is reaching out for help or maybe it would invite people in who might believe that they “know how to fix me”. Could my way of thinking be extremely way off base or extremely assumptive? Maybe…but it is what it is in my mind. At some point and time, I believe I can and will muster up the courage to attack more personal subject matter in my work.  As an artist, I can not be afraid to put all of my emotions into a piece for fear of letting one get to close.  I should be able to pour.my emotion into a piece and feel like I did that piece justice because I had no worries about the viewers perception or gaze when it comes to my work. That’s all I have for you guys this week. Thanks for letting me share with you. -Namaste


2 thoughts on “Emotions make you cry sometimes…

  1. As an artist, sometimes in my own mind, I always push myself to work out of all that I am and all that I am not. Is it difficult–absolutely! Sometimes I don't like parts of the person that I am–but my words must go forth regardless. I say all that to say to you, who cares about what someone else may perceive about you. Your confidence in art is a reflection of the confidence in you because the two cannot be separated. It is all you. Share what you want to share and no matter what you will have an audience.


  2. I understand your line of thinking but I believe some people share their emotions in their work to let others that are having the same issues know that they are not alone.


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