Black History Month…does it still exist?

 Is Black History month still relevant? Think about it a sec…How many of you actually remembered that it was Black History Month? Here we almost halfway through the month and it doesn’t feel like Black History Month.  I have seen a few things on the interwebs  related to Black History Month but nothing major. Its like it has been eradicated from the lexicon of our collective brains. I remember when I was a kid it was everywhere. There was commercials, shows and promotions geared around Black History Month.  Now not so much. 

Is it because it is ingrained in our heads to celebrate the history of our people not just in February but every month of the year? Is it because supposedly “the American black” has increasingly advanced beyond where we used to be? What do you guys think? I wonder if because we are placing so much emphasis on the financial downfall/public outcry towards the government the last few years to pay attention to “any” of our history months, I.e. Black, Women, and Latino. Again, I wonder what you guys think about that

Well I for one will be doing my part this month.  The last two weeks of the month I am going to try and have my post geared towards African American history from an artist perspective.  I am still going to probably post pics of what I am working on right now but I will also talk a little about artists that have made a difference to me and artist that have influenced me.  I hope you guys find it informative.  




2 thoughts on “Black History Month…does it still exist?

  1. Excellent point! My friend was just having this conversation. We are slowing killing ourselves by disconnecting from the very river that has given us life. Our children know nothing about who they are and their history. They have forgotten the struggle…


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