Hello faithful few, its that time again. This week I have some work for you guys. It is a little something I did while I was watching this documentary on blacks who have emigrated to South Africa from the US. Just watching this show had me so motivated.

Its a pretty crude pastel drawing a la my hero Basquiat. As I was drawing it, I was also taking in what these people were saying. It was as if I was a painter who was on stage while someone was giving a speech and this was a visual interpretation of that speech. It felt really good to feed off of what I was watching. I tried to lay down everything as quick as possible and not focus too much on proportions or any likeness to any person. I wanted to grab a sense of being or a sense of strength in the drawing but still holding true to the softness of the subject. A subject, who for all intents and purposes could be just about in woman of African descent.

That’s all I have for you guys this week. So tell me what you think. All comments are welcomed. I have talked about it so now with out further ado:

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong…


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